Here we are

We are a couple italian/thai that in 2014 decided to come to live here in Chiang Mai and run a little restaurant.

We thought that, despite the thousands of restaurants the city already had, we could find a little place for us too.

Easier said than done, of course. But we have on our side our passion, our stubbornness and, last but not least, our expertise.

Our mission is to serve you some good food, while trying to make you reflect on a good, healthy, and tasty approach to food, both in the italian and in the thai cuisine.

Buon appetito!


Our place is home for our five lovely cats, 'Ngern' the mom, 'See Mon' the daughter, 'Tiger' the stepdaughter and 'Roma' and 'Totti", the two little siamese.

They fill our life here, and obviously you can expect to find them in every corner of our little place.

We hope that, when you meet them, you will receive your dose of joy and love, as we have every day. In return they only ask you a caress or a smile.