The real Italian taste in Chiang Mai

Are you looking for some authentic and delicious Italian food? Stop your search then, because you found the right place!

Casa is a little cozy restaurant in the Old Town, run by an Italian chef and his thai wife, with an informal and welcoming atmosphere.

We offer a huge choice of dishes(pasta, pizza, risotto, gnocchi, salads, meat, fish, desserts...) coming directly from the various Italian traditional and regional cuisines, cooked with first quality ingredients and all our passion, to satisfy every desire.

And don't forget our Thai selection. That too is a "must try".

review from

«The place looks like an enchanted garden. If you want real italian pizza and a good time go there!»

Our practice

x genuine top-shelf and homemade ingredients.

x respect for the ingredients and their right cooking times.

x knowledge of the territories and of their resources.

x experience, experience and experience again...

x all our passion for a job that we truly love.

review from

«...they make this place special with their home made cheese and great food.»

No wifi.
Only good wine.

When you come to eat to Casa , food is at the center of the world, and people after food.

We want that our customers spend a nice social time with the friends at their table, enjoying our dishes, maybe drinking wine.

We don't want to see our customers entangled in the net, with their nose on their phones and tablets, far from the feelings and the emotions they can experience eating our food, sitting with their friends.

That's why we don't provide any wifi service in our restaurant, so we hope to discourage a behaviour that we think so disheartening.

Every food has its own wine.
Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better. (Samuel Beckett)

Wines are a whole world apart. Nobody can really claim to know everything about them, probably not even the best sommeliers. Who comes from countries like Italy or France is probably favoured by the familiarity they have with wines.

So, how can you manage to choose the right wine for the dishes you just ordered?

No problem. There are a few general rules that can help you to facilitate the choice. We can help you with that. Furthermore, it's like a big game that can be played on a "try and fail" basis. The goal is to fail better and better...